Squirrel Removal Essex

Squirrel Removal Essex
Squirrel Removal Essex
Squirrel Removal Essex
Squirrel Removal Essex

A1 Pest Control offer the best squirrel removal Essex has, as well as guaranteeing the complete eradication of all pests.

Call A1 today for A plus pest control on 08000 2100 702!

Your Local Squirrel Control

A1 Pest Control offer solutions which are fast and effective squirrel removal Essex has for domestic and commercial industries.

All of our pest control services are guaranteed appointments and all our work is carried out by pest control experts who are fully qualified and follow strict adherence to health and safety legislation.

Our squirrel removal Essex service is discreet and confidential and if required, our team can arrive in unmarked vehicles.

About Squirrels

The Gray Squirrel was introduced to the UK during the mid 19th century and since their population has grown rapidly into one of the most frequently seen animals in towns and parks.

Whilst Squirrels aren’t a problem when they’re in the right places and in the right numbers, in fact are a joy to see, but in the wrong places and in too great of a number they are now considered a pest.

Hence for the need for the best squirrel removal Essex has. Their numbers have increased greatly in recent years and they have become more and more bold in their search for food to scavenge, that now it is very common to find one ransacking your kitchen.

Sometimes they can be found in your lofts and roof spaces where their long and strong teeth can and will work their way through fabrics and electric wires which is a large fire risk!

Our Squirrel Removal Treatment

A1 Pest Control offer the best squirrel removal Essex has as our team gain control over your pesky squirrels by using traps. It is a preferred method that is simple and effective that requires our team to revisit to check the traps over.

For the safest squirrel removal Essex has to offer, choose A1 Pest Control today and call 08000 2100 702!

Your Local Pest Control Experts

A1 Pest Control Services are proud to have built and established a fantastic reputation throughout Essex and as a result we have been solving both domestic and commercial pest control problems for over 10 years.

Using the most up to date technology and techniques, we are able to handle any variety of pests that you may be having issues with whether it be at home or at your place of work.

We take pride in our excellent customer satisfaction and ensure that when you call, you’re reassured that you are dealing with the best pest control company in the area!

Not only do we effectively clear your premises of unwanted pests, but we also give you key advice that prevents them from returning again. 

Facility Management Pest Control

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